World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2013

At Acorn EHS we celebrated World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2013 on the 28th April 2013.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work in 2013 focuses on the prevention of occupational diseases.


Further information please visit the ILO Website

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Builder Fined For Failing To Provide Proper Facilities For Workers

A builder has been prosecuted for neglecting the welfare facilities of his workers at a construction site in West Cornwall.

David Lawrance, as a partner for Swiftfix Reinforcement Specialists, failed to provide adequate washing facilities and rest areas at a site in Beach Road, Carbis Bay, between May and July 2012 where a new home was being built.

Bodmin Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday (17 April) that when an inspector from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) visited the site he found there was no hot or cold running water, or even a basin to wash in.

There was also no supply of suitable drinking water, just a hose running from a neighbouring property into a plastic container.

The inspector also found that an area for resting, drying clothes or eating was inadequate. There was a small portable office with room for three chairs, but there were eight workmen on site and there was no electricity supply connected to the office.

An Improvement Notice was served requiring better conditions, but a follow-up HSE inspection revealed nothing had changed.

David Lawrance, of Downside, Rosudgeon, near Penzance, pleaded guilty to a single breach of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. He was given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £2,141.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Barry Trudgian, said:

“The need to provide running water to wash hands and arms is not a trivial matter on a building site.

“The workmen were pouring concrete and when splashed on the skin this can lead to dermatitis if it is not washed off. Apart from being an unpleasant condition, in some cases it can lead to the loss of use of fingers and hands.

“Site contractors and supervisors like David Lawrance, who are responsible for the work of employees or subcontractors, have a legal duty to ensure that adequate facilities are in place for the welfare of the workforce from the very start to the completion of construction work.”

At Acorn EHS we provide Site Safety advice and can assist with your site setup ensuring you provide suitable welfare facilities call us on 03334 560 999.

News – £100 Reward to HR Dept

Peter Jones from HR Dept, based at Pure Offices in Swindon, has picked up a £100 voucher simply for referring Acorn Environmental Health & Safety Ltd to us. Acorn have taken an office here at the Business Centre and are enjoying the atmosphere and the networking opportunities. The offices and meeting rooms now allow us to keep our Health, Safety, Environment and First Aid training all locally to our Swindon Office.

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Health and Safety Executive reveals ‘scores of bogus bans’

Bogus safety bans are being used by organisations to cover up bad service or to avoid being sued, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has said.

An expert panel set by the HSE to expose health and safety myths said such bans were being used to stop legitimate activities.

A ban on bubbles at a child’s party and a restaurant refusing to serve burgers rare were among the cases found.

The HSE said such “nonsense” overshadowed genuine health and safety.

In its first annual report, the HSE’s new panel revealed 150 cases of businesses and public bodies using non-existent rules to stop activities which were perfectly safe.

To read more follow the link Source: BBC News

If you would like practical assistance with your health and safety responsibilities or require accredited health and safety training such as NEBOSH, SMSTS, SSSTS or Level 2 courses please contact us.

Bubble Ban At Parties: Safety Myths Exposed

Bubbles banned from a child’s birthday party and toothpicks removed from a restaurant are among a list of health and safety myths exposed in the last year.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said more than 150 cases had been reported to a panel it set up last year to target “jobsworths” who use safety laws as a ruse to ban legitimate activities.

Source Yahoo News Click here for link

AcornEHS deliver CDM-C and Site Safety for Nexus Business Centre Swindon

Acorn Environmental Health and Safey Ltd (AcornEHS)  are currently delivering Consrtuction Design and Management Services for Nexus Business Centre Swindon as they further develop thier serviced offices due to  additional requirements for new tenants. Nexus offer believe that a 21st century businesses never stands still. As businesses grow, change shape, develop new needs – or even go virtual, Nexus aim to meet thier needs, that’s why they have created prestigious easy-in, easy-out office space and semi-serviced leased space that suits thier clients business needs now – as well as any changes they may want to make in the future.

Acorn Environmental Health and Safey Ltd (AcornEHS) are part of this process supporting Nexus Business Centre Swindon during thier construction phases by offering CDM Co-ordinator services as required by the The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007  and site safety advice during the projects build through to final completion and handover.

Toilet Pollution Killed 300 Fish

Toilet pollution killed 300 fish

Posted Mon, 25 Mar

Effluent from a chemical toilet polluted a tributary of the River Avon, killing 300 fish, a court heard.

Orchid Investments Ltd was fined £16,000 after admitting causing the pollution of the Gran Brook tributary at Long Marston Airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon without having an environmental permit. Leamington Magistrates’ Court heard the firm was supplying sanitation services for the annual Bulldog Bash event in August 2011.

Effluent would normally have been contained in sealed plastic holding tanks before being taken to a sewage treatment works, magistrates heard. But on this occasion effluent was contained in a ‘lagoon-type’ cutting within the watercourse, which the company assumed was lined, resulting in it being discharged straight into Gran Brook.

Speaking on behalf of the Environment Agency, which prosecuted the firm under the Environmental Permitting Regulations, solicitor Sheila Abrahams said there was significant pollution of the tributary.

The court heard the company had expressed remorse for the incident and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, cooperating fully with the agency and taking steps to ensure the incident was not repeated. The firm was also ordered to pay £9,367 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Following the case Kate Grimsditch, the officer who led the investigation, said the agency would not hesitate to prosecute when regulations designed to protect rivers and watercourses were disregarded.

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AcornEHS win new contract with Horsham Football Club

Acorn Environmental Health and Safety, have recently been appointed by Horsham Football Club to carry out a full audit of thier Health and Safety Management System. The club is safety conscious and as such would like to develop thier safety management system ensuring best practice for the volunteers and supportters of match days. If you would like help with your safety management sytem or require safety training please contact us.

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The real costs of a workplace accident…

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