Fire Risk Assessment

It has been compulsory by law for all businesses that operate using business premises to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment since 2006.

You must ensure a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises is carried out and maintain a Fire Management Plan under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 if you are:

  • responsible for business premises
  • an employer or self-employed with business premises
  • responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes
  • a charity or voluntary organisation
  • a contractor with a degree of control over any premises
  • providing accommodation for paying guests.

Good management of fire safety in your premises is essential to ensure that any fire safety matters are always dealt with.

If required, all businesses must be able to provide proof that they have done this, and many insurers and Safety in Procurement Schemes will ask to see documented proof that businesses are compliant with UK Fire Safety Regulations as outlined by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Acorn Environmental Health and Safety (AcornEHS) undertakes comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment to provide you with information and written documentation to make your business fire risk and fire safety compliant.

A Fire Risk Assessment is vital for business contingency as, in the event of a fire at your premises, it is quite possible that your insurance company may dispute making payment if you do not have a current Fire Risk Assessment with a live action plan.

AcornEHS retained clients will benefit from a free Fire Risk Assessment every year as part of their service with us.

We currently have clients across the UK, ranging from local councils to local football clubs and can customise our pricing plans to suit the fire risk assessment and fire safety needs of any size or type of business.

We believe that prevention is always better than the cure, so our Fire Risk Assessment procedures ensure that businesses are responsible, compliant with regulations and satisfy insurers.

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